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The Butterfly 


The music of Green Butterflies

Intolerance is based on a series of behaviors learned from the cradle, based on ideological, social and religious prejudices that lead to manifestations of hate and discrimination against all that person, act or think differently to us.

Green Butterflies is a film that exposes daily cases of intolerance represented in school matone, ideological discrimination, abuse of power, machismo, homophobia and domestic abuse. Because of this, the work of representing emotions from music was really a laborious exercise, in addition to an authentic catharsis. The film is an invitation to reflect and appreciate from the difference, to develop compassion as a habit to assess the fact of being different, individual, unique and unrepeatable, as one of the greatest virtues of human beings.

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This music is a trip to the interior of those feelings from the point of view of a person who lived and died being a child, with the nuances of his first experiences, such as his first love, framed in innocence, and embodied from the same subject main (angel). It represents the world as we live today, seen from the eyes of many oppressed souls; Some of them carrying their burden in tow and in silence with the hope of a change at some point in their life, and many others who, in the midst of that silent transit, end up giving the greatest cry of their entire existence when they decide to turn off the light of his own flame. It is then that we face suicide, a fearsome scourge of our day, which can be prevented and of which in large part, we are all responsible for preventing.


Today I want to tell all these beings, that their flight has not been in vain and thank them for showing us the risks that can divert us from the path of life. Value them with the right thing for being martyrs of our society and our time, for inviting us to turn a look at minorities, the excluded, those who suffer in silence.


To all these angels, I dedicate this music.

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Jairo Bonilla - Composer / Producer

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